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The Sun Temple (Arsavalli) is an iconic landmark of South India. It is the only Surya Temple in the world. People often make pilgrimages to the temple to pray for their diseased friends and relatives. The temple was built in the 7th century A.D and was designed in such away that two times a year, the rays of the sun enters the temple and touch the feet of the deity.


The Srikurmam Temple features the second avatar of Lord Vishnu; the Tortoise. The temple itself is over 600 years old and is decorated with paintings of the different avatars of Vishnu. Tortoises, many of which are over a hundred years old, are kept in enclosures in the grounds. It is about 15 kms from Srikakulam.


The Srimukhalingam temple features the deity Madhukeswaraswamy, who is an incarnation of Shiva. It is situated about 56 kilometers from Srikakulam. The temple was constructed with Odessy Architecture. It is sid that the water the devotees offer pass through the lingam and join with the Vamsadhara River.


Salihundam is an ancient Buddhist monument on the top of a hill. It is 20 kilometers from Srikakulam. There are two stupas; one of which are on the top of the hill and other at the base